Cover reveal - Shape Shifter Chronicles

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Today I'm excited to reveal not one, but four covers, for the series reboot of The Shape Shifter Chronicles by Lauren Jankowski! Brand-new, revised editions of the four original books of this action-packed New Adult Urban Fantasy are releasing simultaneously on October 31, 2017, from Snowy Wings Publishing.

Giveway!!! - Aurora de Carolina Constância

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Hey guys! How are you?
I've been meaning to bring you another giveaway and while this one will be Portugues only, the next will be International - I hope!
Because it is Portuguese only, from here on, I'm talking in portuguese.

Cover Reveal - Starswept

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Got another cover reveal for you!!
This time I'm working with Snowy Wings Publishing! I've already read this book, it's great! We will be talking about it in the near future, worry not!
Just click below already and watch the beautifulness of this cover!!!

Cover Reveal - A Wild and Unremarkble Thing

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Hey guys!
I've teamed up with The Parliment House once again to bring you an exclusive look at the amazing cover of the book ''A Wild and Unremarkble Thing''.
I for one I've very excited about this one.
It's an YA-fantasy book - which is my cup of tea as you might have noticed. So without further adue...

So sorry!

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Hey guys!
How are you?
I’m very sorry about my disappearance but college is driving me nuts, and unfortunately it will only get worse in the next month because for the next 31 one day I’ll have exams approximately every 2 days.
Its sucks I know.
The life of someone in college. Ahaha. But well, this is my explanation for the lack of activity on the blog. Which also serves for Filipa that is also on college and going through the exact same thing.
We are very sorry and hope you understand.

Still, there should be some cool surprises coming over this month. Some very – very – good surprises!

Still Standing by Zizo Eladawi

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I’ve finished, a while ago, Still Standing by Zizo Eladawi. I can’t say that I was overwhelmed by the book, but I appreciate the courage that was taken by the author to open up to complete strangers and tell his story.
Resultado de imagem para Still standing by Zizo EladawiIt was hard for me to read this book because of the nasty conditions and events to which the author was exposed to throughout his life. Yet, the book is simple, easy to read and comprehend.
It is a non-fiction book, but I wish, somehow, it was a fiction book. Then the plot could be changed in order to not be so hard for the characters, luckily, there was a happy ending that sends the message: keep dreaming, keep working, never give up and fight back!
Throughout the book I noticed some spelling mistakes (which are pretty common for both non-native and native English speakers. Nevertheless, is always something to be careful about) and punctuation mistakes.

Rating: 3/5

8 on 8 - May

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Resultado de imagem para desilusão literaria
Another month, another 8 on 8.
May’s theme is disappointing reads.
Oh man, this one is hard!
Want to know my 8 top heart breaking reads? Click below to find out more!
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